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CureGen [color plus]

CureGen [color touch]

Hello to you all Frequency Resosance Therapy lovers!

We are glad to present our products.

CureGen [color plus] & [color touch] 

BioFrequency generator series of devices brings resonance therapy even closer to you, as they are full featured, light, compact and rechargeable, so you can carry with you anywhere you go. 


They feature RIFE ETDL full database of 3600 programs x 10 frequencies each.

Also you have 75 positions to store your own custom frequencies. Also you can set some of the programs as Favorites for easy access.

Nice user friendly interface on color 1.8' TFT display.

They come with copper handles, charging adaptor and used manual.

Outputs square pulses with amplitude of 18-25 V.


The only difference between two models is the used interface: CureGen [color plus] uses buttons and wheel for navigation. CureGen [color touch] has a touch screen and the size is much smaller. It comes with convinient stylus.


These units are carefully hand crafted and built using the latest technology. They are compact, easy to carry and use.

Our units are on the market for several years. 

We have positive feedback from customers all around the world.

Our passion for innovation inspired us to create some unique electronic devices, stylish and affordable.