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The Ultimate Desktop CNC Mill


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DeskMASTER DM500 Specifications:


Effective work area: 435x285x85mm (X/Y/Z)   

Machine Overall size: 850x610x540mm (w/l/h)

Max Feedrate: 2500 mm/min

4th Rotary Axis: This machine is equipped with stepper controller to drive the optional rotary axis. However we do not sell them, so you can order elsewhere. 


Some words for the machine inself:

This is semi professional precise CNC mill, that has heavy body, strong construction, powerful industrial spindle and all the functions that you can expect from high-end system, including: Auto Tool Zero, MPG hand wheel, tool lenght compensation, home and limit switches.
Work like you used to work on a CNC machining centers. Unlike other CNC mills on the market, our machine does not require permanent connection to a computer, but rather has its own sophisticated 4 axis CNC controller.

The MPG wheel is great feature for easy and precise positioning. We use ball screw and linear guide ways to ensure rigidity and smoothness.

All aluminum parts are machined on CNC machining center. We use separate "real" drivers for the motors, instead of "all-in-one" PCB solutions. That way we gain much more power and speed. The spindle is industrial grade air cooled 1,4 kW / 18000 rpm spindle, that is controlled by frequency inverter, so you can control the RPMs by your program code.

Nevertheless we put much effort selecting the right materials for the body of the machine, which is a mix of brushed aluminum construction, HPL covers, and polycarbonate front cover.