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The Ultimate Desktop CNC Mill


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Now lets mill the front panel:


1)  Design the front panel using any CAD (CorelDraw, AutoCad, whatever you like...)

2) Export the design in .EPS or .DXF format

3) Load the file in VCarve Pro (Or any other CAM software you like)

4) Export the GCODE for the DeskMASTER (it supports any CAM package as it uses general compatible GCODE format)

5) Copy file onto USB drive and run it on DeskMASTER.


 An example of how you can build your PCB from scratch:


1)  Download and install free EAGLE software from

2) Download and install PCB to GCODE software from

3) Design you schematic and board in EAGLE PCB

4) Press "Run ULP" button in PCB layout and select "pcb-gcode"

5) Copy the generated GCODEs on your USB drive and load them on DeskMASTER DM500

6) Secure FR4 PCB using double scotch tape to the waste board

7) Position the machine manually to the desired bottom left corner of the PCB starting point, Zero all axes, move the Z a little higher so you can insert the Auto Toool Zero plate, start PROBE function. OK you are ready to load and run the etch program. Repeat the proccess for drill and mill programs as shown on the video.


DeskMASTER for Engineers


For electric engineer or hobbiest, the DeskMASTER will help you build your PCB's, front panels, enclosures and other useful stuff for your electronic projects.